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Lockstone Geo Bolt-Stone


A stainless steel pendant combined with a geometric Lockstone™ piece. Inspired by geodes deep within the Earth, Bolt brings a sharp crystalline charm to your look.

Each Lockstone™ Pendant is assembled by hand and can be uniquely personalised with your choice of engraving or symbol.

Our Lockstone™ material is scent absorbing allowing the wearer to add an individual fragrance if desired. Allowing it to slowly diffuse a fragrance throughout the day (lasting approximately seven times longer than wearing a fragrance without it).

All Vanacci Lockstone™ Pendants can be customised with one of our unique Vanacci Symbols or personalisation of your choice.

- Free custom engraving

- Necklace Length: 22 inches / 56cm

- Customise with a single fragrance