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Virtue Element Pendant

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Necklace type

A brand new collection of stylish, pure pendants that come from natural elements. Stong, versatile, classic… choose the element that best represents your qualities and let your personality shine.

    • Chains and braided cotton are at a length of 22 Inches / 54cm
    • Each pendant is assembled by hand and can be uniquely personalised with your choice of engraving or symbol

      We can engrave emoticons just use standard short hand symbols like :) and we will convert them into the Emoji.

      We have chosen the best looking engraving font that will look like the (Hello World) font pictured here.

      Shorter words will display larger, longer words are sized down to fit.

      We can engrave most languages and special characters

      Character limit is 10 letters, but if you are after something special just drop us an email.
       showing Vanacci mens pendants with meaning by adding an engraving on the side of a silver pendant.
    • The makeup of each element is as follows.

      - Iron: 304 Stainless Steel. Stainless steel will not rust like solid iron, but still contains 95% Iron.

      - Aluminium: 6061 Aluminium. An aerospace alloy comprised of 98% aluminium. Unlike pure aluminium, this alloy has massively increased characteristics, making it much stronger and more scratch resistant.

      - Chromium: 316 stainless steel. Containing 18% chromium, this steel has a brilliant shine.

      - Copper: Solid copper. Pure, unadulterated copper.

      - Vanadium: High vanadium steel (grade M4). Usually found inside jet engines or in the production of superconducting magnets.

      - Molybdenum: High molybdenum steel (grade M1): Almost always alloyed with steel to greatly increase its strength and hardness.

      - Tungsten: High tungsten steel (grade T15) - With the highest melting point of all metallic elements, tungsten is usually alloyed with steel to improve its stability under high temperatures.

      - Titanium: Grade 2 titanium - Unalloyed, pure titanium. Almost half the weight of steel but just as strong.

      - Silver: Solid sterling silver 93% pure silver

      - Gold: 24cr gold plated solid sterling silver - 99.9% pure gold and and plated to 2.5 microns. This is well above standard gold plating and will last a lifetime. Please allow up to four weeks for production & delivery.

      - Palladium: Palladium plated solid sterling silver - 99.9% pure, palladium is applied to 2 microns to give a scratch resistant, brilliant shine. Please allow up to four weeks for production & delivery.

      - Rhodium: Rhodium plated solid sterling silver - 99.9% pure rhodium plating, hypoallergenic and plated to 2 microns. Please allow up to four weeks for production & delivery.
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    Mathew J.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    My experience with choosing ordering receiving and then altering the order has all been really easily, no problems returning it, the customer service was great and the alterations completed and sent back out speedily. Will definitely use again I want the whole collection!

    Keisha L.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Amazing Gift - Amazing Service

    The lengths Vanacci go to ensure the customer journey from purchase to receiving is amazing. The customer service was beyond stars that could be put on this review. Thank you again for the great product and perfect customer service.

    一毅 長.
    Japan Japan


    Daniel A.
    United Kingdom
    Copper pendant with lockstone

    Beautiful pendant and beautiful copper colour. The colour will start changing almost straight away due to copper’s natural oxidation, giving it a personal character. I keep the underside (Element symbol) and glossier side polished for contrast to the darker rough sides. Great weight to it too, and the lockstone keeps my cologne on for about two days.

    Sebastian T.
    Very well made

    Would have been 5 stars if not for the fact that one side is super glossy. What piqued my interest was the raw nature of the pendant, needless to say i was a bit disapointed but still super satisfied about the overall product quality.