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Lockstone Geo Tri-stone Her


Amongst the caverns that riddle the Earth, stalactites reach down from the ceiling, formed by sediment deposition over centuries, sometimes millennia. Refining these structures into an augmented, twisting point is a marriage of nature and design, as mankind has used stone to sculpt, so Tri-Stone is the place between chaos and order, all to a defined end point.

Each Lockstone™ Pendant is assembled by hand and can be uniquely personalised with your choice of engraving or symbol.

Our Lockstone™ material is scent absorbing allowing the wearer to add an individual fragrance if desired. Allowing it to slowly diffuse a fragrance throughout the day (lasting approximately seven times longer than wearing a fragrance without it).

All Vanacci Lockstone™ Pendants can be customised with one of our unique Vanacci Symbols or personalisation of your choice.

- Necklace Length: 22 inches / 56cm
- For use with a single fragrance.