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Vanacci Money Clip in Brushed Steel

Size Guide

Carbon Leather Money Clip 

By Vanacci

Currently available for pre-order - to be shipped in January

A slimline money clip to carry all your folding money neatly and securely in your pocket. Made from formed stainless steel, with a brushed finish and clad in our our specially made Mach leather, each is hand assembled here in the UK. Designed to make getting to your cash that little bit easier with a double back clip fixture on the underside.

Working off the blueprint of our classic GT leather, we wanted something with a tighter weave to really bring the leather alive. In Mach, we’ve found what we were looking for. A miniaturised form of the GT weave, Mach features a super-fine carbon fibre pattern that, despite its size, maintains the incredible abrasion resistance that Vanacci wallets are known for.

The Specs

Key Features
  • Scratch resistant stainless steel 
  • 200% more abrasion resistant than the highest quality leather
  • Hard wearing powder coated finish
  • Slim Minimalist style
  • Water Resistant
  • Easy to remove and add cash clip design
  • Pressed Stainless steel construction

Technical Data

  • Weight: 17 grams (0.6 Oz)
  • Dimensions (LWH), 56.2mm (2.2") x 26.5mm (1") x 10.8mm (0.4")  
  • Stainless Steel Grade, 316
  • Conforms to REACH Standards

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    Size Guide

    Get the best fit for your wrist, using the size guides below for our bracelets.

    Metric Sizes:

    Size Metric Bracelet  Size Tight fit on a wrist size of Good fit on a wrist size of Loose fit on a wrist size of
    X Small 14.5 cm 15 cm 14 cm 13 cm
    Small  16.5 cm 17 cm 16 cm  15 cm
    Medium  20.3 cm 18 cm 17.5 cm 16 cm
    Large 22.8 cm 22 cm 21.5 cm 20 cm

    Imperial Equivalent Sizes:

    Size Imperial Bracelet Size Tight fit on a wrist size of Good fit on a wrist size of Loose fit on a wrist size of
    X Small 5.7" 5.90" 5.5" 5.1"
    Small  6.5" 6.69" 6.29" 5.90"
    Medium  8.0" 7.08" 6.8" 6.29"
    Large 9.0" 8.6" 8.46" 7.87"

    You can measure you wrist size like in the image below. If you do not have a flexible tape measure you can wrap a piece of string around your wrist and measure the length.

    If you have any questions we are happy to help just send us an email.