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Carbon Minimal Wallet - TT Leather


A wallet designed around the essentials, Carbon Mach helps you cut out what you don’t need and delivers more in terms of looks and function than any other wallet.

Wrapped in TT carbon leather, styled on the same carbon fibre weave you'd find under the paint work of super bikes and high performance motorcycles the world over.

Carbon leather offers unrivalled durability and style and the intuitive ejection system tiers the cards for instant use while keeping them held safe within the unique storage mechanism.

Secured in an RFID-proof body to prevent card scanning and identity theft, cards are stored inside while cash and extras are stored externally.

All Vanacci Carbon Wallets can be customised with one of our unique Vanacci Symbols or personalisation of your choice.

  • Handmade to order
  • Scratch resistant stainless steel
  • RFID blocking
  • Slimline body
  • Water resistant
  • Size L, 112.5mm  (4.42")   W, 65.5mm (2.5")   H, 11.3mm (0.44")


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    Real world disappointment

    I’m slightly annoyed with myself for getting this as I didn’t look closely enough at it online before purchasing as a gift. First off it appears well made and the attention to detail is good - having a name engraved is a nice touch too. However, their version I’ve bought as a gift only holds three cards which in this day and age isn’t really quite enough. It means making a decision on whether to include a driving license or membership card or something and not being really able to dispense with your old wallet and having to swap cards around a fair bit. I know additional cards can be held by the strap but this isn’t always ideal. Secondly it’s ‘party piece’ of sliding the cards out just isn’t really that impressive in practice. Sure, they slide out although I’ve noticed that from the off card 2 has often fallen behind the front card causing you to take out all three to get to it. They don’t come out very far so you have to pick and carefully extricate the card you want (it’s faster with my old wallet) and then carefully put it back again. What I had assumed happened before looking carefully was that they slid out enough to make contactless payments or something like that - they don’t you have to carefully remove the card you’re after. So the major plus is that the cards are kept safe and less likely to break or damage but I’ve never experienced that with at least 25 years of using an old style wallet anyway. It does look cool, I just think that after showing to your friends in the pub or at a party many will just rightly ask what the point of getting it actually was..


    Hello Dan Sorry to hear you are not happy with your purchase, i appreciate this wallet is not for everyone, but we do sell other versions such as the stelah 3.0 that hold more cards and also our pocket wallets are a perfect halfway house. We introduced these larger version wallets for people who want to carry more cards such as yourself. The carbon wallets are very much our minimal range that offer a slim executive style above all else, we used to have a version of this wallet that held more cards but people complained that they wanted something slimmer that held less cards so this is why this model now keeps to the original design and hold 3 cards. If you want you can send us an email at Ask@vanacci.com and arrange a swap for one of the higher capacity models. Kind Regards, James

    Bing L.
    United Kingdom


    Pretty good except can only hold four cards, comparing others can hold 5.

    Afzaal M.
    United Kingdom

    Great concept and built well

    I have bought two vanacci wallets previously because I loved the idea. I travel and spend alot of time in london and so to have easy access to credit cards is a must. The slide mechanism is so fluid and after a while it becomes second nature which is what you want out of an item that you use daily. It is made well and after purchasing both the older iteration and now upgrading to the newer version they have certainly stepped up the build quality- that is not to say the old wallet did not stand the test of time either but just by holding it and looking at the different pieces I can see it is more stable and should be more durable. There is a new spring loaded system in place aswell which works well. My only potential issue is that the aluminium around the outside is prone to fingerprint stains. Otherwise the wallet is half the size of any wallet I have had previously and doesnt get in the way when I am sitting down or on the commute. Great Product all round.

    Steven R.
    United Kingdom

    Carbon Evil TT

    Nice product, shame you can only fit three cards in it, so you have yo choose which card to take out with you.. Maybe somewhere where you can put ID to..


    Hello Steven, thank you for your feedback, we recently improved this product so it now holds an extra card, if you are after more capacity i would recommend something from our stealth wallet range. if you would like further assistance feel free to reach out to us at Ask@vanacci.com

    Naveen S.
    United Kingdom


    Think it's the best thing Iv ever bought only disappointing bit is only holds 3 cards but am not fused over all really happy with it


    Hi Naveen, I'm glad to hear you love the wallet. We've now increased the capacity of the wallet with an updated version now available on our site. Ryan