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Limited Edition - Gold Stealth Wallet 3.0 X


You won't want to keep this wallet secret.

The ultimate combination of precision engineering and modern technology with 24 carat gold plated name plate and stealth black fixings.

Add your own personalisation with free engraving to make your purchase truly unique.

Stealth-aviaition aesthetics are at the forefront of Stealth 3.0 X, delivering angular design inspired by aircraft such as the B-2 Spirit and F-117 Nighthawk.

- Stores up to seven cards internally

- Heavy duty strap for cash and extras

- Ultra-lightweight (50g)

- RFID blocking

- Personalise with free engraving 

- Size: L, 110mm  (4.3")   W, 65mm (2.5")   H, 11.5mm (0.45")