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Titanium Element Pendant

Be in your element with our range of Vanacci pendants.

The favourite of hi-tech engineering, titanium elevates others up. Lightweight but incredibly strong, there’s a reason the quiet and collected are often those that take others to the next level.

Size: Chains are at a length of 22 Inches / 54cm

Engraving: We can engrave emoticons just use standard short-hand symbols like :) and we will convert them into the Emoji. 

We've chosen the best looking engraving font which will look like the Hello World font in the image. 

Also, you can personalise with one of our unique Vanacci symbols.

We can engrave most languages and special characters. 

Character limit is 10 letters, but if you're after something special just drop us an email.

Details: Grade 2 titanium - Unalloyed, pure titanium. Almost half the weight of steel but just as strong.