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Vanacci Anthracite Natural wooden Sunglasses

Classic black meets vibrant colouration. Thanks to a laminate body and contoured features, colour cuts and bursts through the black to give these shades an extra special look while not sacrificing the classic black aesthetic.

Sustainable luxury. Modern sunglasses made from ethically sourced wood. Only at Vanacci.

Designed by us to guarantee you stay looking fresh this summer, all our glasses look great on both men and women so everyone can enjoy the sun together.

Natural Materials

Harnessing a composite structure, our glasses have the strength and versatility of metal, with the added warmth and luxury feel that comes from naturally grown wood. Beautifully contoured to comfortably sit upon the face, these are the best way to enjoy modern sunglasses.

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The Details

- Bamboo
- 100% UV 400 protection (CAT.3)
- Light weight
- Luxury feel  finish
- 100% lovingly Hand Made
- Stainless Steel
- FSC approved materials

Kind To the planet

For every pair of glasses sold we donate £1 of our profits to the international tree foundation to help replenish the worlds tree population.