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Executive Carbon Leather Wallets

Carbon Wallets

 Slim. Sleek. Simple.

Carbon offers style and durability only seen at the highest end of the market. Using unique materials such as carbon leather, Vanacci have crafted these slim wallets to give those deserving their due.

Carbon wallets are forged from aerospace grade aluminium, hardcore stainless steel and lustrous copper. The carbon leather sleeve provides storage for three cards internally and features a flexible band on the rear for cash and extra cards. As long as it fits, it’ll keep it for you.

Our unique card ejector elegantly elevates the cards from the front pocket, allowing you to cut down on unnecessary clutter.

Carbon by Vanacci is more than your average leather wallet. It’s an item to treasure, maintain and hand down. What old chair did you get as your last hand me down?

No folding, no zips, no buttons. Just simple, sleek design.

What can it do?

  • Carbon leather, offering up to200% more abrasion resistance than the highest quality leather.
  • Solid metal core allowsCarbon to keep its shape when under duress.
  • Keeps you protected from RFID scams. 
  • Flexible cash band makesCarbon pliable to the needs of his keeper.
  • Punch the sky as your card ejector elevates your most important cards upwards in a display of strength and virility. Overuse may cause an eclipse.
  • Slim profile keeps Carbon from making unexpected appearances as a bulge in your trousers. Only the regular bulge please.
  • Attract potential breeding partners and rescue planes or smite your enemies’ eyes with Carbon's brilliant sheen. 
  • Inspire your allies with a Carbon wallet by paying for a round of drinks quickly whilst they fumble with their ragged billfold. Now laugh at them.
  • Use a Carbon wallet to shape-shift into an even more sophisticated, wiser version of yourself. (Shape-shifting less convincing when on the mead).