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Wooden sunglasses uk

It all began during a hot, hazy summer day. We looked, we searched, we scoured the internet - we failed to find even a single pair of sunglasses that came close to offering style and solid ethics.

So we set to work.

The mission? A unique line-up of sunglasses, with the best UV blocking lenses, and frames crafted from sustainable material.


The journey hasn’t been easy. It’s taken experiment after experiment to discover the right materials for the task. Eventually, it was bamboo and birch that made the cut – visually striking, wonderfully tactile.


As for the lenses, for now at least, they remain plastic. Technology simply isn’t there yet. But until it is, the few plastic parts that Vanacci Sunglasses do contain (and the shipping that gets them to you), will be balanced out by a £1 donation to the International Tree Foundation – who planted 760,000 trees all over the globe in 2017 alone.

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