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Maximum UV protection

The Story

Why have we done this, I hear you ask? The story of our new collection starts last summer when we were looking around at the many pairs of sunglasses out there in the world and believed there could be something better that also produced less of an environmental impact at the same time.

So we set to work to come up with a unique looking pair of glasses that used the best UV blocking lenses and frames that used a sustainable material. Along the way we experimented with many materials and ended up using bamboo and birch because they gave a great visual contrast and feel against the skin whilst wearing them.

Further to this, to make up for the few plastic parts and the CO2 produced from shipping, we donate £1 of each sale to the International Tree Foundation, who work to plant new trees all over the world every year. As with all of our products, if you want to know more just send us an email at oi@vanacci.com.