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In Your Element

  • Vanacci mens pendants with meaning worn on a man
  • Vanacci mens pendants with meaning showing metals of the periodic table
  • Vanacci mens pendants with meaning showing the elements of the periodic table

A brand new collection of stylish, pure pendants that come from natural elements. Stong, versatile, classic… Choose the element that best represents your qualities and let your personality shine.

No two pieces the same

In a throw-away world, we strive to produce well made, stylish jewellery that not only lasts but tells a story that’s personal to each and every owner. That's why we take so much care over our design, why we source the finest materials and why every piece can be personalised making no piece the same
Vanacci mens pendants with meaning through engraving

Each minimalist design is forged from a single element to complement your style and show what you're made of. Finish any piece with either a chain or braided cotton.

  • Red hot steel forged from the fires of the deep at vanacci
  • Machining Vanacci element pendants made in the uk by hand
  • Vanacci Tungsten pendant surrounded by tools to make jewellery

It's hard to be more timeless than the building blocks of life. Fundamental, irreducible, elemental. A personalised pendant that’s timelessly stylish.

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