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Lockstone Solaris

The Solar System. Miniaturised On Your Wrist.

Solaris. Modelled on the planets around us, Solaris puts you at the centre of the Solar System.


The Story Is In The Detail

Beginning with our original Lockstone™ range, we decided to explore the possibility of creating planets from our Lockstone™ material. 

Bringing the massive down to the microscopic scale, we’ve taken the planets and  given them a home in the form of discreet, minimal jewellery. 

Stunning Minimal Style

All black planets, only recognised by their size and position, maintain our signature minimalism while adding a whole new dimension to Lockstone™.


Discovered by Venetian monks in the 17th century, Stellaria features bright metal crystals suspended in a semi-transparent glass matrix of manganese. For Solaris, it represents the sparking nebulae of the galaxy.

How it all works 

This all-new, patent pending material draws fragrance in, slowly releasing the scent over a long duration. For you this means longer lasting and better performing fragrances, where expensive designer scents enjoy a longer life and through which an aroma can be sustained far beyond a single day’s wear.

Delving into the details

Key features of the Lockstone signature style
  • Each piece completely unique.
  • Solid stainless steel used in construction.
  • Highest quality polished semi precious stones.
  • Suited to any scent.
  • A revolutionary material and a completely new concept.
  • Locked in and slow released scent all day through.
  • A material featuring micro-absorbent structures.
  • Kind to the planet.
  • Simple, smooth, minimalistic design.

Personalise your Lockstone™

A simple three step process

  1. Place Solaris on a surface that can't be damaged by your fragrance and spray with your favorite fragrance; watch as the liquid saturates and is then gradually absorbed.
  2. Leave for a few minutes – allowing the fragrance to be fully infused into the Lockstone's of Solaris. 
  3. Your fragrance will then be locked within the stone and through its micro absorbent structure your scent will be gradually released through contact with the skin.

          The Story Is In The Details 

          Planets of the solar system bead bracelet with stars

          From Exploration To Discovery

          Solaris was developed from our highly popular Lockstone bracelet, looking to the cosmos for inspiration. The concept of incorporating the planets into jewellery struck us as the next logical step and we took off developing Solaris as the next phase of Vanacci’s voyage.

          Adding shape and variety to the established bracelet was the next challenge. We couldn’t just stick some orbs in that resembled the Solar System. So we individually modelled each planet according to its size and assembled them as a system to be worn on the wrist.


          Check the link below to explore the collection.