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About Us & Our Products

Our Design Philosophy

Founded in late 2014, Vanacci bring a fresh modern look to men's accessories, combining striking looks with practical design that combat the challenges of everyday life. It’s all about letting you interact with a product and enjoy it, not just need it.

Our team like to look at things differently. Designers, engineers and fashion professionals work together to produce exciting new accessories. Currently we have wallets, cardholders, watches, money clips and fragranced jewellery, all with the creative flair unique to Vanacci.

Each product is designed entirely by us, sourced and brought together in our studio before being assembled by hand in a strict quality controlled environment. Our design philosophy is to start with a genuine need, then combine minimalist Italian design flair with cutting edge practical features to create a bold look that has a story to it, so if you have one of our products, you’ll also have a conversation piece.

Our Story

There’s a great deal of industrial heritage in our native Yorkshire. Sean and Ryan are both Yorkshiremen and James’ has nearly passed the naturalisation process. Sean’s upbringing in an area renowned for its rich textile history and Ryan’s steel and coal production of yesteryear combine to give a unique Yorkshire view on Vanacci products. James’ injection of Italian finesse rounds the edges off two Northern reprobates.

We take a great deal of pride in what we do and we want you to see that pride every time you take your wallet from your pocket and every glance at your watch. Some companies only test a small percentage of their products. We test 100%. We made these. We’re not sending something out that we aren’t happy with.

It’s not all been success and fun but there’s a great deal of satisfaction in building our own products, leaving each day with sore hands and dirty clothes. Each burn of the hot stainless steel. Each shock from electroplating. Every time we glue our fingers together is all worth it for the finished product: a combination of cutting edge manufacturing and old-fashioned, hand-made, blood, sweat and tear-soaked craftsmanship.


The Products

Because each product is built by hand by our skilled craftsmen, sometimes demand can outstrip the number of products we can produce in a day. We aim to put new stock up daily so if what you are looking for is out of stock, check back soon as there is a good chance we are building them.

Each product is designed entirely by us sourced and brought together in our studio, each piece being put together by hand in a strict quality control environment. This allows us to monitor exactly what goes into making our products, ensuring the designer’s vision is realised.
We source as many parts as possible from the UK to ensure the best quality components go into our products. We combine state of the art production techniques and age old craftsmanship to create products that have a unique look and feel not found anywhere else.

Our primary focus is on the design and look of our products. We also only sell to select retailers and direct through our site, helping us bring products to everyone at a better price.   

The Team

James, Sean, Ryan and Paegan. Based in Leeds, crafting jewellery, watches and wallets by day and by night.