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About Us

From our hands to yours.

Unique designs.

Factories around the world churn out endless copies of wallets, jewellery and watches. The world is flooded with unoriginal designs and products but is filled with unique individuals, such as yourself. We offer unique designs to unique individuals. That’s why we design and produce everything in house and offer you as much flexibility as possible so you can get the design you desire.
About Vanacci, Pendant being designed
Vanacci at work in the workshop

Everything made by hand in small batches.

No mass production nor a large-scale operation. Just honest labour in a workshop by skilled artisans who love to create. This passion extends to every product we make, from our wallets to our jewellery. When you buy from us, each item was made by a team who care deeply about their craft and how your purchase will enrich your life.

We care.

The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful and we don’t want to be a part of that. Each piece is designed to last and work for a lifetime. Every day, tonnes of waste from unsold or out-of-season collections go to landfill and incinerators, taking perfectly good garments and destroying them. Our small batch approach reduces waste and promotes a more sustainable production model.
Vanacci running small limited batch production runs.
Vanacci we personalising everything, made to order

Personalise everything.

We want what you buy from us to really belong to you. It’s an extension of you, an item that tells the world who you are and what you stand for. Each piece is imprinted with you, whether as a gift or for yourself. From the moment we start making it, it’s yours, not ours.

Made for you.

When you order from us, each piece is made specifically for you from scratch. The leather is cut, the beads threaded and the steel is polished. Cleaned, checked and packed, all before being shipped to you. We might make it but you bring it to life.
Vanacci each product undergoing quality control check
Vanacci is a part of Hammer Forge Ltd,registered in England and Wales company number 9295469 Registered business address: 4 Cunningham Way, Eaton Socon, St Neots, PE19 8NJ