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Solaris Pluto

Limited edition Solaris with 100% More Pluto

Solaris Pluto

Way back in 2000 and something, international eggheads decided to change the number of planets in our Solar System from nine to eight. For some it was a dark day in astronomy, especially for any residents of the newly classified celestial dwarf Pluto, as the Sun is really far away, as it often is from unimportant places.  Pluto may well have kicked up a fuss but we haven't heard about it. 

Now, for a short period, we've added Pluto onto the limited edition Solaris Pluto bracelet, no matter what those asshats at NASA say.


As we don't reside in universe C-137, we may never hear Pluto's side of the argument. But one thing is certain: many on Earth will never forget, for probably a few years.

For a limited time only

We’ve made a whole extra planet, forged from burnished silver then sandblasted to give a wonderful matt finish to reflect a meteor scared surface on the edge of the Solar System. We’ve had to take some artistic license with Pluto, however, as if we were to make it to relative scale with the rest of our planets, it would not sit on the bracelet. However, we’re sure Pluto wouldn’t mind the upgrade!

Available in black Agate or sparkling Nebula, for just a little while, Pluto can be a planet again for all of us.

Solaris Agate Pluto Bracelet Limited Edition

Solaris Nebula Pluto Bracelet Limited Edition

Show your support for that poor little guy out there, all alone in space.


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