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The Vanacci Watch

The perfect equilibrium between minimalist restraint and timeless style; featuring a transformative blue dichroic face, luxurious carbon leather and superior quality, polished stainless steel components.

Italian style. Swiss engineered. Yorkshire born.

The Vanacci watch is where 21st century contemporary style meets the design notes from the most classic of Italian time pieces. A piece through which minimalism is entwined with engineering excellence to offer the modern man the perfect blend between aesthetics and robust reliability.

The transient blue dichroic face of Vanacci captures the light of the day – from dawn until dusk – transitioning over time – refracting in differing levels of light and finishing upon the deep, dark midnight blue of the late hours.  


About our watches

The Vanacci collection of watches: Traditional and timeless Italian style, combined with centuries old Swiss engineering knowledge and completed with the contemporary, signature style of Vanacci.

The Detail

Key Features
  • 38mm Case
  • Water Resistant to 3 atmospheres 
  • Swiss Movement
  • Stainless Steel Case & Body
  • Carbon Leather Strap
  • Beautifully Designed
  • Luminous Hands 

Design Story 

Our aim when we set out to design our watch was to keep it simple but retain a timeless elegance. We looked at time in the 24 hour period and could see how light was interacting with the world around us throughout the day. Looking to our timepiece, we wanted to try and capture some of that magic. So we set the task of creating a surface finish that would refract the light differently in varying lighting conditions. The solution was found in a metallic finish that behaves similar to that of dichroic glass. The end result is a watch that takes on the emotion of a cool wintry sunrise or is playfully vibrant on a warm summer afternoon in the park.

We framed all of this in a beautifully bright stainless steel case and placed a Swiss Ronda movement at its heart to make sure this time piece is as functional as it is captivating.

The luscious shine of the stainless steel is naturally complimentary to the dark carbon leather found across many of the Vanacci products but we wanted something a little bit special. So instead of taking a strap off the shelf, we redesigned one from the ground up, giving us true design freedom.

The Strap
We are using a new type of weave never seen before in a watch strap. The micro carbon fibre pattern is a delicate reflection of our GT style weave, but miniaturised to sit neatly on a wrist strap. The pattern its self is fused to a high quality top grain, chrome-tanned leather, making the straps extra supple for maximum comfort. After the carbon texture is applied, an additional coating reinforces the leather in a patented process which significantly improves the leathers abrasion resistance, allowing our carbon leather to be up to 200 times tougher than an untreated leather. The leather still retains its microporous structure, allowing the leather to breath naturally, adding to the comfort. Every aspect of this strap has been thought through to create an elegant and highly technical strap unlike any other.


Now available exclusively here at Vanacci.


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