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Solaris Nebula Pluto Bracelet (Limited Edition)

Back in 1930, Pluto, that tiny guy all the way out near the edge of the Solar System, shot into everyone's hearts. Less than a Plutonian year later, in 2006, the title of planet was removed from beloved Pluto and the Solar System became merely eight planets.

Now, we've added in Pluto for a limited time, in memory of its limited time as a planet.

Discovered by Venetian monks in the 17th century, Nebula features bright metal crystals suspended in a semi-transparent glass matrix of manganese. For Solaris, it represents the sparking nebulas of the Solar System.

The latest innovation set to join the Lockstone™ range: Solaris. Modelled on the planets around us, Solaris puts you at the centre of the Solar System.

Solaris uses our unique Lockstone™ material, so whatever your scent, Lockstone™ captures it, needing only a few sprays that will last up to seven times longer than wearing your fragrance without it, so you will have the fresh scent of your fragrance with you throughout the day. 

- Sizes available: 5.5, 6, 8, 9 inch (14cm, 17cm, 20cm, 22cm) for more sizing information see our size guide here
- For use with a single fragrance.

- As Solaris uses natural and man-made materials, variation between colouration of the stones may occur and as such, the item you receive may vary from displayed images.

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