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Lockstone XVII Landing Soon

Our biggest range of Lockstone products yet!

Extend the life of the fragrances you love and make them do more for you. Simply spray your fragrance into one of our new Lockstone designs to keep you smelling great for longer.

Our latest Kickstarter campaign aims to bring a whole new range of Lockstone™ designs to the fore, with a continued focus on minimalist forms and innovation. The new range features all new designs, from pendants to cufflinks, bracelets to tags and brand new, never before seen concepts.


What is Lockstone?

Smell Great for longer. Smell better for less.

First launched in our successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, Lockstone captures and releases your fragrance throughout the day and has seen people using it across the globe, picking up accredited attention from top perfume bloggers and industry experts alike. Here is what they have to say:

I filled it with my favourite Ormonde Jayne Black Gold and 24 hours later, it’s still going. I will say, it doesn’t have the same throw as wearing the fragrance over your body or skin due to the smaller surface area, but if you come close, you’ll definitely pick it up! Also you keep the fragrance in it’s original, true and bottled form!” by Manface

The million dollar question is of course “Did it work?” You bet your sweet smelling ass it worked. I was really impressed”  by What My Boyfriend Wore

I generously applied Après L'Ondée to the Lockstone beads, let the bracelet sit to dry for a few minutes, and put it on before leaving for work. I also spritzed my arm at the same time. As usual, Après L'Ondée's violet-and-iris beauty vanished from my skin in less than two hours. On the bracelet, however, it lingered throughout the day. It didn't radiate from the stone the way it does from warm skin, and it felt a bit "flatter," but there it was, eight hours later. Impressive. It clung to the beads for another two days, growing fainter and fainter until it was finally gone.”  by Jessica at NSTPerfume.com

Now, we've made Lockstone even better. We've taken the feedback from everyone over the past year and compiled it all into the XVII range.

The material is a microporous structure inspired by the natural pumice stone, which can draw in moisture and hold on to it like a sponge, to gently release the fragrance throughout the day. We are able to turn Lockstone parts into almost any shape, giving us a great deal of design freedom, so for this new set of Lockstone jewellery, we have developed six distinctive styles to choose from. All made from the best materials, by us in Yorkshire with care and attention to every detail.    


What's new in this range?  

The pendant fragrance holding system has had a significant upgrade, from your feedback you've told us that the pendants do not give off enough fragrance when used with lower end perfumes, and we hear you, we've combated this issue by increasing the surface area and introducing a now composite stone that is even compatible with oil based fragrances.  

By combining our Lockstone material with a 100% natural fibre we have increased the hold, release and functionality of the stones. So now you can smell great for longer with and even wider variety of fragrances. 


Delving into the details

Key features of the Lockstone signature style
  • Cast from the highest quality stainless steel
  • Composite double fragrance lock technology
  • Compatible with any fragrance
  • Highly finished leather cords
  • New exciting materials and finishes
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Iconic looking pieces designed in the UK
  • Kind to the planet
  • Built with a passion to be the best
  • Modern designs – for him and for her

The Collections

Below we have put together a preview of each of the new collections to explore. The first is the Lockstone modern essentials, with a focus on innovation and applying the Lockstone materials to new areas and rethinking the conventional fashion accessory. The designs keep to a minimal ethos suitable for men and women. We have also designed a set of products specifically for women in this range, with our Snowdrop earrings and White Lily and Black Orchid bracelets.   

Geo Collection 

The structure and wonders of the Earth, often mysterious and rare, revealed to us by explorers and prospectors are shown now in a new range of Lockstone Geo bracelets. From dark Agate, to chatoyant Tiger Eye and shimmering Amethyst, the chaotic processes beneath the Earth’s surface have gifted us some of the most dazzling and beautiful natural wonders we could hope to enjoy.

Tiger’s Eye Often revered for warding off the Evil Eye, is a chatoyant gemstone, here faceted as the band that encapsulates the stunning blue Tiger's Eye stone.

Agate Deep and black, akin to the vast, labyrinthine caves that riddle the Earth. here encircle the geode stones, revealing the lightning-esque kyanite within.

Amethyst Historically associated with sobriety, clear thinking and chastity, encloses the wrist entirely, revealing the hidden gem between the Lockstone geodes form a complete circle.

Luna Collection

Central to cultures around the world, the Moon has for millennia fascinated mankind and guided its progress. The basis of our calendar, the controller of the tides and the source of mystical power and association, the moon is revered and honoured as a constantly shifting, yet permanent reminder of our place in the Universe, much as the stars are to it.

The moon represents change and growth, a sequence of events akin to birth, life and death which is presented here as the phases of the moon, constantly shifting, ebbing and flowing as do the lives of everyone and everything.

Our Luna bracelet features the phases of the moon, from crescent through full to crescent and all phases in between, keeping the changes of the moon with you all throughout the month.

Alongside the Luna bracelet, our Orion pendant features the constellation of the legendary hunter, precision cut into the steel and backed by a Lockstone insert.


The Aztec Collection

Taking inspiration from one of history's mightiest empires, the Aztecs left behind a legacy of architecture and aesthetic unique among the Americas.

The angular carvings found in their everyday lives and buildings indicate a deep history of construction and building bigger and better things, eventually constructing vast cities and colossal temples at the peak of the empire's strength.

Now, the temples, cities and pyramids are what remains of the once sprawling empire, inspiring the history of Mexico and millions of people's direct lineage and culture.

Inspired by the bright and vibrant culture of the Aztecs and the monuments that were left behind

Jungle Inspired by the overgrown temples and remains of the Aztec empire, the colours of the natural dark green Malachite mineral have been used in jewellery for over 3,000 years and here sits next to faceted stones based on Aztec artwork. 

Passion Synthetic red coral beads (because we love our coral alive) make up one of our more vibrant bracelets, Inspired by the vibrance and deep reds used in the artwork of Aztec culture.    

Ocean Known by the Aztecs as "chalchihuitl" , turquoise has been a highly sought after and valuable gemstone, considered sacred by many civilisations. Here, turquoise is used to symbolise the Aztec empire that spanned form ocean to ocean.   

Black Forge Collection


Black Forge 

Spray | Wear | Dominate

Shadow Pendant | Enigma Bracelet

Inspired by early industry production techniques, combined with iconic military styling, Black Forge pays homage to those who keep us safe at night. Working behind the scenes, their achievements most often go unheralded, the risks unrecognised by those shielded from them, their work often unnoticed.     

Shadow Pendant Taking inspiration from the classic military dog tag, the Shadow pendant is cutting edge 316 stainless steel, riveted together with our Lockstone material at its core and hangs on a grade AA stainless steel rolo chain. Also available as a 24 carat gold plated option.    

Enigma Bracelet Inspired by the mechanical masterpiece of the enigma machine, the Enigma bracelet uses stunning lux matte black agate beads, with four pyrite (or Fool's Gold) beads worked into the Lockstone to give a mechanical feel. The addition of Fool's Gold will keep people guessing...is it real gold..?

Just one of Enigma's secrets.  

 Raw Earth Collection

Oak Bracelet | Hornbeam Bracelet | Maple Bracelet |Titanium Bracelet | Haematite Bracelet

From the mountain peak to the valleys below, vast quantities of mineral ore sit in seams of rock beneath vast acres of desert, grassland and forest. The mightiest of trees, grown from tiny seeds, have expanded to cross the globe while beneath their roots, riches of untold number collect and reform in as yet unrefined ore.

Oak A symbol of strength and endurance, revered in many cultures, demonstrates a quality of honour, dignity and fortitude.

Hornbeam Sometimes known as ironwood and musclewood, is a symbol of vitality and power and is rarely used in woodworking due to its unyielding nature.

Maple Synonymous with Canada, marks a nationwide pride and dignity that is associated with this distinctive leaf.

Helping the Environment
We wanted our earth range to do as little damage the environment as possible so all of our wooden bracelets are made from waste olive wood, a waste product of the olive farming industry, to offset the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process, we also donate 10% of each one sold towards planting trees in sustainable woodland. So you can rest easy knowing your bracelet has not harmed the world we live in.

Hematite The crystalline version of pure iron that makes up the majority of the earth, Hematite is a rare and beautiful crystal. Used in jewellery for millennia, we have used it here to represent a connection with the Earth and everything around us. In contrast with the Titanium bracelet, this raw iron version has a reassuring solid weight. 

Titanium A beautiful metal found in almost all living things, named for the Titans of Greek mythology for its strength. Refined titanium's heritage lies in the aerospace, medical and automotive industries. Made from specially designed solid aerospace grade titanium beads, this bracelet is lightweight and tough, so you too can go into space.



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How to Load your Lockstone

A simplistic three step process

  1. Place your Lockstone on a surface that can't be damaged by your fragrance and spray with your favourite fragrance; watch as the liquid saturates and is then gradually absorbed.
  2. Leave for a few minutes – allowing the fragrance to be fully infused into the Lockstone
  3. Your fragrance will then be locked within the stone and through its micro absorbent structure your scent will be gradually released through contact with the skin.