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Carbon Evo Copper GT

Size Guide

Carbon Copper Evo Wallet in GT Leather.

By Vanacci

Our Carbon Evo design with a copper twist. Our brand new approach has allowed us to create a beautifully simple while elegant piece. Hand treated solid copper intertwined with our own carbon leather to create a standout article of everyday attire.

Under the leather rests a precision-engineered laser sintered skeleton, likely featuring the highest level of engineering that has ever gone into a wallet. Supported by the polyamide structure are two plates, one solid copper, one 6061 aluminium. The aluminium front plate provides a durable sternum of RFID blocking protection for the vital card information held within. An all new sprung loaded design pushes the slider down securely when not in use, generating a satisfying click as it moves into place.

The copper range has been purposefully distressed to bring out the natural colour of the copper, then left untreated allowing it to patina, giving it an old world antique feel. The design uses pure solid coper allowing the wallet to pick up extra character while you own it to,  over time, become a truly personal piece.  Each wallet ships with a copper polishing cloth so you can keep it in the best possible condition.   Please read our guide on copper care and management.

Wrapped in the GT style carbon leather, it is styled on the same carbon fibre weave you’d find in the cockpit of Formula One cars. Supple and warm to the touch, it's everything you expect from a great quality leather, but with supercharged fortitude. Our leather is 200% more abrasion resistant than the highest quality leather on the market, so it will look great for years to come.

Taking the carbon fibre so regularly found in the world of automotive racing and design, GT leather is a potent reminder of the engineering skill and precision that allow such great speed, control and dominance in the world of motorsport.

The Specs

Key Features
  • Handmade in Yorkshire, UK
  • RFID blocking
  • Age old, classic solid copper construction
  • 200% more abrasion resistant than the highest quality leather
  • Intuitive card ejector
  • Stores 3 cards internally and up to 5 more in the rear strap
  • Heavy duty elastic strap for cash, extra cards and other items
  • Lightweight at just 85 grams (3 Oz)
  • Slim minimalist style
  • Water resistant

Technical Data

    • Weight: 85 grams (3 Oz)
    • Dimensions (LWH), 110mm (4.3") x 60mm (2.7") x 10mm (0.4") Copper Grade,  C106 / CW024A
    • Aluminnium Grade, 6061
    • Laser Sintered Polyamide Core
    • Conforms to REACH Standards

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    Size Guide

    Get the best fit for your wrist, using the size guides below for our bracelets.

    Metric Sizes:

    Size Metric Bracelet  Size Tight fit on a wrist size of Good fit on a wrist size of Loose fit on a wrist size of
    X Small 14.5 cm 15 cm 14 cm 13 cm
    Small  16.5 cm 17 cm 16 cm  15 cm
    Medium  20.3 cm 18 cm 17.5 cm 16 cm
    Large 22.8 cm 22 cm 21.5 cm 20 cm

    Imperial Equivalent Sizes:

    Size Imperial Bracelet Size Tight fit on a wrist size of Good fit on a wrist size of Loose fit on a wrist size of
    X Small 5.7" 5.90" 5.5" 5.1"
    Small  6.5" 6.69" 6.29" 5.90"
    Medium  8.0" 7.08" 6.8" 6.29"
    Large 9.0" 8.6" 8.46" 7.87"

    You can measure you wrist size like in the image below. If you do not have a flexible tape measure you can wrap a piece of string around your wrist and measure the length.

    If you have any questions we are happy to help just send us an email.