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What We Learned This Week: A Whole Lot Of 3D Printing & Liam

April 01, 2016

What We Learned This Week: A Whole Lot Of 3D Printing & Liam


Quite the flurry of 3D printing news it would seem. 

Firstly, some 3D printed vases

Now you can turn old (or new) bottles into something a bit classier (or weird) by augmenting them with a good old 3D print. Thanks to the work of Libero Rutilo (which can be seen here), stop recycling and keep your plastic bottles so you can turn them into vases. Take that, Blue Peter!

More printing. 

Cars. If, like me, you don't have ay interest in cars, 3D printing might actually give them an edge. You could finally have that skull shaped vehicle you've been dreaming of ever since I gave you the idea fourteen words ago.

Skeletor approves

Above: You (and me)

So when can we get a 3D printed  skullmobile  car? According to Icon, 2017, with Volkswagen and Ford heavily investing in the process, alongside Local Motors of Arizona leading the field with a car that's 75% printed, hoping to be 90% by 2017 and they're currently taking pre-orders .


Finally, Apple have been developing a robot that, unlike the free roaming death machines of MIT and Boston Dynamics, disassembles phones for recycling. That's nice, isn't it?


Ok, one last thing. Don't forget that you can now watch YouTube videos in Snoopavision. Just follow this link and enjoy.

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