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Tell us your story: Symbols

by Ryan Ward February 22, 2019 4 min read

Tell us your story: Symbols

In November 2018, we introduced a series of symbols intended to add a meaning to each item, a mix of icons to express emotions, messages or states of mind.

Most orders now take advantage of the free offer so we wanted to give a bit more information on each symbol and what it could mean to you.

Strength – For the strong man.

Strength isn’t how much you can move. Strength comes from integrity, your willingness to commit, to progress, to achieve, regardless of the difficulty of the task. Often, the right thing is hard to do, but you do it anyway. When things get tough, you hold the line.

Determination – If you fall, you get back up.

No matter the odds, you’re willing to fight back. Whether a physical or mental challenge, you’re ready to meet it. If you fail, you learn, get back up and try again. If you succeed, you’re looking for the next challenge to push yourself. You don’t shy away from adversity, you welcome it. Bring it on.

Congratulations – For the winners.

You’ve crossed the finish line, climbed the mountain, fought off the opposition. After much hard work, you’ve overcome each challenge to succeed. You’ve shown those who believed in you that they’re right and those who didn’t that they’re wrong. Enjoy this moment, for now is your time to shine.

Hero – You know who you are.

Not all heroes know they’re heroes. Many, in fact, shun the term. But they did what was right when it was difficult to do so. They helped but asked for nothing in return. They stood strong when others shied away. They acted when others turned their backs. We all have our heroes and you stand among them.

Friendship – Near or far, it’s you and me.

We’ve forged a strong bond, a closeness that we share with few others, perhaps no other. No matter how far apart we may drift, we’ll always remain friends. The late nights we’ve had and the longest days ahead of us will always be made easier knowing your support is given freely to me and mine freely to you. When it’s us against the world, I know who will win.

Peace – All is equal, fair and just.

It takes a great deal of work to find peace, especially in a world of such discord and struggle. But peace is found through action, by striving for balance, fairness and justice. Your search for peace must be active. When you have done all you can, given everything you’ve got, then you can find peace.

Courage – When fear surrounds us, courage emerges.

Often in life, we’re dealt heavy blows which we have to fight our way through. Sometimes darkness consumes us and the only way back to the light is to face our fears head on. You’ve been beaten down and cast aside but you’re taking the chance to return, stronger than ever before. Fear expects you to kneel, courage helps you stand against it. Ready yourself to stand.

Overcome Adversity – Against the odds, you made it.

Everything was stacked against you. There were those who said it couldn’t be done, that you’d lose, that it was pointless. But you prevailed, despite overwhelming adversity. Come hell or high water, you were going to succeed. And finally, you’ve made it.

Luck – The harder you work, the luckier you are.

Some people have all the luck. But in order to be lucky, you have to put yourself in the game. Each action you take, each decision you make, takes you one step closer to good fortune. Sometimes it’ll seem like you’ve no luck at all, but if you keep going, keep working, you’ll be surprised how lucky you can be.

Wealth – True wealth is what’s given, not gained.

Money and possessions aren’t where wealth is found. What is truly valuable is the experience you have as you go through life. There’ll be treasured memories and moments that no amount of money can buy. They’re yours forever, paid for with character, friendship and time. When you lend that experience to others, you enrich their lives, their experience. And that is truly the most valuable thing one can do.

Love – Who are you thinking of?

Wherever they are in the world, whoever they are to you, remember them. Reflect on all you have done and all you might do together. Look back on the good and the bad. Look ahead to the possibilities of the future. Take comfort that someone, somewhere, is thinking of you.

Celebration – Find joy in everything you can.

Sometimes it’s the little things that bring the greatest joy in life. Sometimes it’s a big one-off event. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, promotion, a life goal, whatever it may be, treasure the moment with those who matter most.

Birthday – The most important day of the year.

There is no more important date in a person’s life than their own birthday. Your birthday is an opportunity for those who know you to say ‘thank you’ for being in their lives. You make a huge impact on everyone who is lucky enough to know you. Happy birthday.

Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward

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