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Five Tips To Get More Out Of Your Fragrance

by Ryan Ward February 22, 2018 4 min read

Five Tips To Get More Out Of Your Fragrance

We all want to smell good. After spending all that time getting ready, looking sharp, feeling good, your fragrance is the cherry on top. But how do you know which fragrance to use, where it's most effective and how much to spend?

You don't want to go unnoticed after all that effort like our friend in the main image above. He didn't dominate his fragrance options. Now he's alone. And made of bronze.

Below, we've outlined five tips to get more out of your fragrance, guaranteed to have you smelling good, for longer.



1. Invest In Decent Fragrance

That high street clothing store own brand fragrance from grandma at Christmas might smell nice but nine times out of ten, it just isn't gonna last. Many high street brands have fragrance lines which are very diluted and just don't last very long at all. They're cheap and cheerful. You aren't cheap though. You wanna smell luxurious. And cheerful.

Fragrances with high levels of pure scent (we're talking 40% plus pure scent) can command nose-defying prices, a few hundred dollars and upward, and not all of these are going to suit your budget. We've picked out a few favourites from here in the office which we've found to deliver fragrances that are potent and long lasting.

Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club

The Replica series aims to recreate classic environments, including Jazz Club, which features tobacco leaf, vanilla bean, clary sage oil and pink pepper for a warm, spicy and alluring fragrance. 

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille 

The mac daddy of tobacco fragrances, this is the jewel in the crown of Vanacci's current fragrance arsenal. Powerful vanilla base notes last for days, with the tobacco and tonka bean cutting through to provide another sultry fragrance ideal for evenings, soirees and head turning.

Chanel No. 5 

Classic and world renowned, fresh, sensual and sweet No. 5 is a benchmark in the perfume industry. It's a rare day you go somewhere that Chanel No. 5 isn't recognised immediately and the impression you'll leave is as remarkable as the fragrance itself. 

By no means adhere strictly to this list, but it's a good start. Go to your local department store and test fragrances, preferably on your skin and let it dry to see how it interacts with the oils and environment around you. 

2. Spray In The Right Places

You might have seen this geezer going waaaaaay overboard:


This is what we called cologne carpet bombing.

Don't do this. It's a massive waste of fragrance, which, in part one, we stated is an investment and you don't want to blow your investment all at once, right?

Instead, tactical fragrance usage can increase its impact and longevity, both in and out of the bottle.

Focus your spray on 'pulse points' such as the wrists, throat, ears, inner elbow, below your midriff (not in the pants), your calves and ankles. 

This might be a lot to cover, so maybe don't hit them all at once unless you want to dominate the sense of smell of every person in a fifty metre radius. Pick a few in the upper body region, particularly if you're in trousers or wearing a suit, for maximum impact at nose height for other people. 

You don't want to overpower people, so use your fragrance sparingly but effectively. Less is sometimes more.

 3. Buy An Atomiser

These little guys can make a fragrance go a long way by offering you the opportunity of a 'top-up'. If you're out of an evening, perhaps at dinner or an evening stroll to case a joint, carrying around a bottle of fragrance is gonna mess with your outfit or take up loads of space in your briefcase full of diamonds.

Instead, for a couple of quid, you can get a small, discreet spray bottle that you can fill with your favourite scent and put it on as you go. Sure, we've talked about how less is more but there's some times you've just gotta 'musk up'.


Note: not all fragrance bottles can be used with atomisers as the head of the spray component is permanently affixed. Test your bottle before ordering.

4. Match Your Scent To Scenario

Sometimes, a dark, mysterious fragrance isn't going to make sense in a certain scenario. Nor is a light, floral one in another. Going out with your buddies, you might want to wear a neutral fragrance, whereas in a business meeting, you might want to wear a fragrance that represents you for you. Or you might need something more subtle, say, at the doctors.

The point is, the fragrance should match the outfit and occasion. If you up in the club, you're gonna want to dominate with some robust scent that makes you stand out and get noticed. If you're in a meeting for three hours, something lighter is probably more appropriate. 

This all plays into the psychology of fragrance and the context in which it is sensed. Wearing a smoky, sweet fragrance on the dance floor is likely to make much more of an impression in the darkness of the club than it is explaining a Powerpoint presentation to a group of semi-interested board members. 

But, at the same time, you know best. After all, fragrance is a complement to your confidence in any given situation. If you smell good, you'll know and they'll know too. 


 5. Get Yourself Some Lockstone

Alright, you made it this far so it's time to bring out the fragrance accessories. The atomiser is pretty good for top-ups and portability but what if you just want to spray and represent?

We got bracelets, pendants and cuff links for all your fragrance needs. Gold? Got it. On a chain? Sorted. Solid titanium?!Specially made just for you.

For men and women, you can extend the life of your fragrance with any Lockstone design. 

Don't delay, get yours today! Shipping worldwide via Royal Mail and FedEx. If you're in the US or Canada, we can even get it to you next day via FedEx if ordered early enough!

Start smelling good for longer.

Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward

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