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Inside Exo

by Ryan Ward April 26, 2018

Carbon exo with carbon leather ejecting credit cards

Here we are, four years later. Four years after the onslaught of the first Carbon campaign.

Here we are, back in the trenches again.


Exo, set of three

Of course, Exo was supposed to be easier. We've had four years to perfect everything. But we perfected the end. The journey to it, however, is complex and fraught with difficulty.

Back in the good ol' days, it was pure metal. Aluminium, steel, brass, copper. Sure, you might bend it too far but it was difficult to ruin. Evo came along and, despite the skeleton alteration, it remained a robust piece of kit in the production process.

Exo is like wildfire.


The slightest mistake with Exo and it's over. Acetone is a core component of our manufacturing processes. Acetone plus ABS plastic? No way. Melted, straight away. Too much cut away from the skeleton and it doesn't work. Too liberal with the adhesive? It doesn't work. A slip of the knife when finishing it all off? Ruined, start again.

This is the level of meticulous engineering we're trying to bring into people's fashion options. 

We've got some high science stuff going on in Exo and we'll be damned if we don't deliver it to you. Each wallet is tested, over and over again, so that it arrives in full working order. We don't do 10% quality control tests, we do 100%.

Exo is a reminder of what it takes to deliver a quality piece of work. Each one takes up to three hours to complete before it's sent on its way. As we've over five hundred to make, this gives us over twelve weeks of constant, meticulous work to complete the task. We're doing it in just over half that time


Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward

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