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Happy Accident: Bringing Lockstone To Kickstarter

by Ryan Ward September 28, 2016 2 min read

Vanacci Making of

Sometimes you have an idea but you're not sure how to execute it. Then, by chance, you happen upon the solution you've been looking for, often in the strangest of places, the last place you would look, totally by accident.


Above: Serendipity


Lockstone came out of a marriage of research and a happy accident. We were developing a jewellery range and we had the notion of infusing the jewellery with fragrance. Something along these lines already existed, historically, and served a purpose beyond being beautiful and functional.

From a series of failed attempts at creating a new way of producing wallets, we noticed the materials we were working with remained damp – even after the washing and drying process, which became quite an annoyance.

Yet this frustration would soon turn to curiosity and we began to ponder just how this natural characteristic could be harnessed for something useful. And with that, our focus was shifted to refining a material to lock in fragrances.

Soon, we had designs for necklaces and cufflinks and mid-campaign we would introduce a bracelet. A variety of metals gave us a wide range of options and we had a unique function that elevates Lockstone beyond jewellery. 

People way back in the good ol’ days smelt and smelt bad. Can’t afford perfume, or a bath? No matter, get a pomander! Some were ornate pieces of intricate craftsmanship. Some were literally a ball of fat with cloves shoved into it on a length of string. Each to their own I suppose. I guess in the days of peasantry and feudalism, many had to choose between smelling slightly better or being better at not starving to death and paying their taxes, lest they’re cast out for their crime of being poor.


Almost as bad as the crime of stealing money


Anyway, we’d happened upon the solution to our quandary. We found the material we needed and we had the designs. It was time to get this re-imagined ball of spices rolling. 

We polish a lot of metal so we decided to use our favourites: stainless steel, brass and copper, and offer a range of precious metals in gold, silver and rose gold. Having each piece machined and then hand polished meant we had the precision of CNC machining and the quality of hand finishing. Man and machine, working in harmony.


Here we see the physical manifestation of The Singularity


Eventually, Lockstone took its final form in stainless steel, copper and brass, with plated options of palladium, rose gold and gold for the precious metal range. Our cufflinks were again turned from solid steel, copper and brass and our bracelet would utilise agate stone to give a deep, dark gloss alongside the integrated Lockstone stones.

We were as ready for Kickstarter as we could be, so it was time to push the launch button. On May 3rd 2016, Skynet fought back Lockstone was born.

Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward

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