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Must Have Summer Accessories

by Ryan Ward July 20, 2018 2 min read

Must Have Summer Accessories


Summer is definitely here in the Northern Hemisphere (sorry, Bouvet Island) and with that comes the crushing power beautiful glow of the Sun.


So, in an effort ot be somewhat cooler (literally and figuratively) than Hans Moleman, we recommend you protect your optic stems and all that with some sunglasses.

Now, wearing sunglasses does not mean you can stare directly at the Sun, but our polarised lenses are unlike to ignite your shoulders (see above).

What's more, instead of a load of old dinosaurs that have been heat formed into a rigid frame (i.e. plastic), we've gone and had some made out of wood instead. Sustainable birch and bamboo make our shades both more environmentally friendly and super-lightweight (a bamboo pair weighing in at just 30 grams).

Super-comfy, super-lightweight and super-environmentally friendly. Super.


So where will you keep your sunglasses? Probably your pocket or on your face. But you might need a place to put all your other stuff: foreign currency, fake passports, disguises. That place is a bag.


If you don't need a go-bag (and you probably do, for which we'd recommend our Roma Duffel Bag), maybe a Messenger or Backpack is more appropriate (you know, for executive or scholarly getaways).

But, coming back to reality for a moment (unfortunately), if you need a new bag for the gym, work, college, travel or practically any other purpose that you see fit, we've got you covered. 

For super-convenience (super being the word of the day around here), our Firenze backpack has an external USB port. Why? Stick a laptop or portable charger inside the bag, connect it up and then charge your device while on the go.

See it in action in this video.


Travel Wallet

So you 've got your shades, you've got the bag. Where do you keep all that super important cash and your cards? Fear not, we can take care of that as well.

Vanacci Traveller Classic travel wallets, row of three, orange cork leather, indy leather, mach leather, with Tasca Classic wallets in foreground

If you're going overseas, you'll need your passport. Our Traveller wallets can accommodate passports, cash, cards, a notebook and a variety of extras that you'll need on your trip.

To trim down for when you don't need your passport et all on your person, you can partner it up with Tasca, our micro wallet that still packs a punch in terms of storage. Get your cards and cash all securely inside our RFID blocking wallets, keeping your valuable safe on your travels and in everyday life.

Maybe you want an orange wallet with a blue lining and black edge paint? No problem. Maybe you want a blue wallet with the key ring, with a purple lining and orange edge paint and a black pen loop? Done.

We've created over 250 different options with the Vanacci Travel Wallet range, so you can tailor it to your needs and style. Want more? How about free engraving to truly personalise your wallet? Next level customisation manoeuvre. 

Our Kickstarter campaign has ended but we are continuing orders for your perfect travel companion over on IndieGoGo. You've taken the time to plan the trip, why not add a truly unique accessory to go with it?


Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward

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