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The Vanacci Gift Guide For Men Who Aren't Easy To Buy For

by Ryan Ward August 31, 2017

The Vanacci Gift Guide For Men Who Aren't Easy To Buy For

Winter is coming.

And with winter, we have Christmas. 

Christmas buying tends to start in September and amid the chaos of online and high street shopping, many find themselves asking 'what does he like?'.

Well, this year, we hope to help out. 

When it comes to gifts for men, we have a couple of ideas.

Some men are difficult to buy for due to their general contentment with what they have. Some men have everything already. Some men just want to watch the world burn.


The Man Who Has 'Everything'

Tricky, this one. But probability is useful here. What are the chances he already has something that everyone else has? Probably quite high. So how about changing the game for him a bit?

Chances are, he has a billfold wallet. I'm sure it's fine and has served him well. But why not give the man who has everything something far more unique. Handmade, modern and functional.

What do you get the man who has everything?

An Evo wallet

This is a difficult format of man. But if he already has everything, why not have him experience something instead? I mean, for $8,250, he can drive and shoot tanks all day. Do it together. If you're a couple, I can't think of better therapy. 

Vanacci Carbon Evo Wallet range

I Don't Want Anything, I'm Fine


I'm one of these guys. I'm totally content with what I have and if I need something, I'll buy it myself. If I want something, I'll buy it myself.

One way to look at it is: don't worry about the want or need bit, just think that it'll make the person buying something for you happy. So really, by receiving, you're actually giving! Great success!

It's always nice to get something new, perhaps unusual in its own way. That's why we're recommending our cufflinks for the content man.

Cufflinks are a safe option as a gift. They're used subtly and add an element of flair otherwise unseen in many people's attire. Plus, you can infuse ours with fragrance to further personalise his look.

You can also add a bit of flair with a real nice pocket square. We recommend taking a look at Von Floerke's pocket squares at vonfloerke.com

Dude putting on gold cufflinks and looking like a boss  

He's So Difficult! I Just Need Something!

I hear you. And with so much choice: where to buy gifts for men?

You want to do something nice for him but dammit, he's a pain. What does he want?!

Well, it's difficult to say. But one possible solution is to give his look a bit of zazz. Something a little bit different but also offers a purpose to its beauty.

The humble wristwatch.

A watch can really tie an outfit together, adding that little bit extra the same way the chain of a pocket watch betrays the wearer: this man has important stuff to do and say. The watch is an item which shows that the wearer appreciates time and his is not to be wasted.

 Another option is shoes. Now, he may like oxfords, brogues, loafers, boots and frankly, there's a lot of options. We like Duke & Dexter.

Man sat on a wall wearing a vanacci watch, black trainers, and a leopard print suit

If you have any suggestions or ideas we haven't covered here please leave message below.

Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward

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