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Track One: Introduction (Prologue)

by Ryan Ward September 03, 2014 2 min read

Hey there,

We're finally here! 

The three of us wanted to introduce ourselves so you could put a bit next to our names: 


Sean is our creative director. A physical juggernaut and model (though he won't admit it), Sean oversees the creative direction of all our products and often, very often, provides a non-linear perspective on where we are moving. His notebooks are in no order of any kind, he has more old iPhones in his desk than our local market stall does and he orders this weird, high protein 'bread' off the internet. It's not bread.


James is our MD, the Mega(lo)Don, who ultimately decides the fate of our venture. A designer by trade, alongside Sean, they tame the wild stallions of product concepts into a version of a stallion that is considerably more rideable. Far more organised in his note keeping than anyone else on the team (his old wallet has a place for Post It notes to go), James is very much the captain of the good ship Legacy, I'm pirate #3 and Sean is the wooden mermaid, screaming in terror, carved at the front.


That'll be me. I oversee the sales and marketing at Legacy. Chances are, if you're reading something from us, I've played a hand in it somewhere. Formerly working in film sound, I've also been a bingo caller (twice), a quizmaster, a bouncer, a waiter (who had to sing at the interview but it wasn't part of the job) and house guitarist at a bar up a mountain in Canada. 

So I'll sign off for now. If you have any questions, get in touch with us at info@enterlegacy.com or use our contact page.

Ryan and the team at Legacy

Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward

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