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What We Learned This Week: Star Wars, Tumblr and Calligraphy

by Ryan Ward August 13, 2015 2 min read

Hello viewers,

Here's what we (I) learned this week (part of last week and this week).

Now, despite being a big Star Wars fan I've never played any version of Battlefront. I know. I'm sorry. But before I move back into my parents' basement, I'll need an Xbox One it would seem. My papier-mâché Death Star was destroyed thanks to an exposed exhaust port being exploited by wasps. 

I guess the best part about Battlefront will be pasting your own enmities onto the faceless clone horde of the Empire while you act out some form of snowbound insurgency. Or the more authoritative amongst you will enjoy literally choking the life out of people. Remember, this is sort of Jar Jar's fault. Either way, 'Achievement Unlocked'.

Cheers, dickhead.  

Anyway, more light hearted stuff now I suppose. 

This Tumblrof shops in films is my favourite part of watching films. No-one believed me there was a Spar in Running Man. Amazing that Spar is thriving in the dystopian future whilst it closed down in the village I grew up in. That's how brutal it was there.

Great that even in deep space there's demand for cheap clothes.

If the staff in our Nisa are anything to go by, Predator wouldn't dare use their skulls as trophies. Not unless they bought an out of date Creme Egg first.

We saw this guy doing penmanship the other day. We weren't actually there as he'd filed a restraining order against us (Sean mainly) but we got to watch the video below in our holding cell. If this doesn't excite you about pens (not a misprint) then you're probably some hardcore Commie pencil user. I bet most of you gave up on Spirograph after ten minutes. 


Jake is one of only twelve master penmen in the world, which makes me think of some shadowy council who control everything with subliminal messages. If only I had a pair of magic sunglasses to help me cut through the noise and see the truth.

 I Believe In Harvey Dent

 More Kickstarter things?

Who would have thought magnets were so useful? Magkey have taken an idea I really wish I'd thought of and crushed my dreams once and for all.  

Click here to back Magkey

Until next week,



Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward

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