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What We Learned This Week: Star Wars Samurai, Flimmer & Stealth (Again!)

August 27, 2015


This past week, I done some noticing of this stuff here.

Look at these Star Wars characters reimagined as samurai. LOOK AT THEM.

I am your father AND fear. Your fear-ther. 

The work of Tamashii Nations, these look to retail at about £50 when they become available. 

The sarlacc won't stand a chance.

Why did the Emperor even need these guys?

Let's all hope there's a figurine of Jar-Jar realising the shame he brought upon the galaxy and taking the necessary steps we all expect of him. 10% discount code: IAMYOURFATHER

And now, this thing:

What have I done?

The main thing I like about this is the name: Flimmer. Like Flubber before it, Flimmer is a prototype drone that can fly and swim. But it can't take off from the water. Yet. The video below details the potential applications for Flimmer at around the 1:33 mark but an edit occurs where, presumably, he talks about the weapons capabilities of it but in the interests of PR, they cut that out.


It's obviously going to end up as a flying torpedo. 

Oh well...

Don't forget, we've got Stealth coming out just around the corner (1st September). Signup to be notified of the launch and be in with a chance of winning either a Nighthawk or Spirit. 

Deploying 1st September 2015

See you next Thursday,



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