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What We Learned This Week: Ducks, Sheds and Overfunding

by Ryan Ward September 03, 2015

Right, first things first.

Squeaky ducks were never something I particularly enjoyed. Unless you have a few hundred of them:


It's been a while since someone overdubbed I Knew You Were Trouble (and most of those were goats).


Maybe this will distract everyone from Wildest Dreams.

If you're lucky enough to not live in London (even luckier if you live here in Yorkshire), then it's unlikely you will ever have housing options as surreal as this.

Free top hat? Deal!

Yeah, that's a shed. That's the 'double room' for rent. Reportedly at £480 a month (bills not included), this cosy space is located to local amenities such as a sofa and kitchen sink, has hardwood floors and some 'specialist' literature and vintage VHS cassettes that were in there when we got here. 

If you want to live in London, you might have to be willing to live in a shed. But, before you spend your money, there are MUCH. BETTER. SHEDS. 10% discount: mandrilsheds

Over here at Vanacci HQ (which is a giant floating obsidian pyramid), we've had Stealth on Kickstarter since Tuesday and it's going pretty well. 

We wanted £500 to see what people thought. Now we're on the way to £5,000 which is very generous of you all. This essentially means that the Stealth range will be available for general sale much sooner but you can be the first to get yours if you back us on Kickstarter before the campaign ends. 

Not long now until our watch campaign launches. Keep your eyes peeled for that in the coming weeks.

See you next Thursday,



Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward

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