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6 Trending Men's Accessory Ideas For 2018

by Ryan Ward June 20, 2018 4 min read

6 Trending Men's Accessory Ideas For 2018

Guest post by Jessica Smith

Men’s fashion has always been a topic of debate among experts and laypeople. Men have always seemed to receive less attention as compared to their female counterparts in the world of fashion. 

With changing trends, men’s fashion has also witnessed a sea change. Gone are the days when it used to be about rings and belts only. Men have been experimenting a lot and the results are evident. Ranging from pendants to bracelets, they seem to have taken the fashion bull by the horns.

If you are looking forward to experimenting a bit with your look this summer then you've stumbled upon the right piece of information.

Here we've brought you top six accessories that are making quite some noise these days and will complement your look in the best way possible.

 Vanacci black forge fragrance pendant on a man in leather jacket


Pendants have, for a long time, been predominantly a ladies’ thing, but not anymore. This year, men’s fashion has seen the emergence of many new trends. Necklaces having pendants like dog tags or religious emblems have become popular among men like never before. Simple chains of steel or any metal are also receiving good reviews for the masculine touch that they bring along. You can also give leather or beaded necklaces a shot but being low key and keeping it minimal is crucial here. 

Vanacci hematite lockstone fragrance bracelet worn by a man


Bracelets hold a special position in the world of accessories as royal men were often seen wearing ornamental bracelets. Even today, bracelets are considered as a sign of royalty and class. The most common and popular option that many men swear by are metal bracelets. Not only are they masculine, but also lend a sense of distinctiveness to the look. Celebrities such as Michael Fassbender have also been spotted showing off their metal bracelets on multiple occasions. However, if you are not a huge fan of metal, you can also try beaded, leather or woven bracelets.

Vanacci Cufflinks, in stainless steel, Rose gold and Gold


Made of metal, glass, leather or even precious stones, cufflinks have not received the attention that they deserve in the world of accessories. Small yet elegant pieces of jewelry, cufflinks are worn with formal shirts having cuffs. Available in a number of designs, one of the most popular being the 'double panel’. Cufflinks look great with a watch with a case of the same color. Even fabric cufflinks, generally made of silk, are a great choice and can be paired with shirts made of natural fabrics.

Vanacci mens wooden sunglasses in blue, worn on a man looking away


More than being an accessory, sunglasses are a necessity for anyone! If you're a beach person and thinking of rocking the beach look this weekend, you cannot skip sunglasses. Colored lenses are expected to bring the retro look back this summer. Even bamboo and wooden frame sunglasses are making a big impact. Moreover, you can easily team them up with any custom t-shirt. Adding a hat to the look is optional here. Pro tip – the choice of sunglasses should complement the shape of your face. Wearing a narrow pair on a broad face will make your face look even broader! Here's a link to an easy to use guide on wearing the right shades for your face shape.

Vanacci carbon wallet with carbon fiber leather ejecting cards


A wallet is the signature accessory every man has. It immediately gives an impression about the owner and speaks volumes about their fashion sense. Moreover, this is something that every man is supposed to have and is not an option! Among the popular options available, Carbon Evo wallets have been stealing the show of late. These handmade wallets are known for their quality, appeal, and unique design. Made of leather, the wallet is lightweight and easy to carry. The elastic straps for holding cash, extra cards and other items make it a perfect fit for daily use and not just a fashion showpiece.

The vanacci carbon fiber watch worn in a sports car


Gone are the days when watches were used for keeping time only. Of late, they have become more of a fashion statement. When it comes to watches for men, the choices available are overwhelming. Among the many brands available in the market, Vanacci offers a tough competitior. Mixing Italian style and Swiss engineering, the Vanacci watch is the perfect match for any occasion. The designs are contemporary and durable and the components guarantee a long life and offer a great return on investment. 

Many changes have also been seen in the gym apparel for men with everyone looking forward to sweating in style. A nice pair of sneakers, running tanks, training tees, running shorts and gym shorts is some of the items you should include in your gym wardrobe at the earliest.

Fashion, especially men’s fashion, is all about class. Even a simple suit can make you look like a complete gentleman. You don’t need to invest a lot. Invest in the right stuff and you'll see awesome gains! Accessories can enhance your look a lot and with the right set of accessories, you can steal the show. Many other popular options like bow ties, card cases, keyrings etc. may also be tried at your own discretion.




Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward

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