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Bags Are Ready To Go!

by Ryan Ward June 28, 2018 4 min read

Bags Are Ready To Go!

The Roma Duffel Bag

Capacity 38L


Vanacci Roma Duffel Bag Held By Man On Red Carpet, Walking Away

 The Roma Duffel Bag - take that last-minute trip, get set for a weekend away, do battle with the daily commute or take an overnight slog to a cabin in the woods. Whatever’s coming up, The Roma Duffel Bag is there - ready when you are, for wherever you’re voyaging to next.

Ready for anything.

Travel – whether making it though the 8:30am crowds, or flying across seas and continents, life can be tough for the average bag. So it’s a good job the Roma Duffel Bag isn’t your average kind-of bag.

Rugged and durable, the black canvas forms to what you carry, while also being super lightweight and sensual to hold. The high impact zips will never let you down (nor see your items take an ungraceful trip of their own – down an airplane aisle, through a packed train carriage). Then there’s the reinforced stitching and leather fixtures, which eliminate the normal weak points that would break on conventional bags (like handle areas and sip sections). And, as all of these parts are connected by solid steel metal, The Roma can easily withstand whatever you want to throw at it. 

Ready for anything, Roma faces the rough and ready world of travel – the knocks, the scrapes, the overcrowded train stations and tubes.

Wakey wakey, weary traveller

Urgh. The tedium of the check in, the frustration of the train timetable. At least your bag won’t be dull – go ahead, unzip and reveal a fresh blast of zesty orange (because we care about the parts only you can see, too).

For the everyday, the Roma is deliberately styled in black – for a timeless look as suited to the City office, as it is to the gym locker.

Travel-level: expert

Your life is frantic, varied, hectic – one day it’s into the office and onto the gym, the next it’s a weekend away. Equipped with just the right number of internal pockets, the Roma Duffel sets you up for organised travel and everyday use - so you can find your items, fast (minus the fumbling) – pen, headphones, smartphone, everything.


Don’t get weighed down (or hit with an excess baggage fee)

Sit back and relax - the perfect fit for overhead lockers, this carry-on is ready to take flight. Designed to be as light as possible, the Roma’s sprightly 750 grams is all thanks to the durable canvas.

It’s all yours

We take design and interactive style personally. Which is why we’ve incorporated a stainless-steel plate that can be engraved with your name, address or logo - tastefully placed to make your bag, truly yours.


Torino Messenger Bag

Capacity 16L

Travel-bag, office-carrier, carry-on-bag, day-brief. Ready for the world of work, or travelling the world, this is 16 whole litres of practical, multi-function beauty. Getting the message, yet?

Life. Organised.

Go about your day, with everything to hand – with a pocket for each of the important things. Created from comfortable canvas, the Torino Messenger features warm-to-the-touch, flexible material that fits to your form – a natural-feeling extension of yourself – for moving freely, from front door, through the city, onto the gym.

Save your shoulders

Keeping it simple, the woven cotton shoulder strap is far softer (and in all honestly, far superior) to inflexible, uncomfortable plastic-based straps (for comfy wear, even for the longest periods).


Firenze Computer Backpack

Capacity 15L

Get carried away, with a back bag that packs in form and function.

The back pack – only all grown up

Move over travellers and school kids, the back pack is back (and this time, it’s for everyone – from fashionista to commuter-battling business person).

For all your on-the-go must-haves, the Firenze Back Pack offers designer form and thought-of-everything function. So go forth, urban warrior - re-charge on the move, wrap your laptop in protective padding and discover a space for every, single, thing (from smartphone to notebook).

At the centre of it all – your laptop

Designed around a 15in laptop, the padded interior pocket keeps your laptop safe, protected and cosy. As for that smartphone? Well, no matter how organised you are, you often face the choice between being late, or taking a last-minute emergency re-charge. Now, with the built-in USB charging shortcut, you can charge as you commute. Plug it straight into your power bank or laptop, discreetly, without bundles of wires.

Fast access, secure stow away

Never miss a note in a meeting – gain fast access into the Firenze back pack with Magnetic clasps allow easy, fast access. Carry documents, books and study notes (it’s the ideal accoutrement to any stylish scholar), and with natural leather zip grips that are easy to get a hold off, grabbing your valuables is a breeze.

No plastic, anywhere, ever.

Ugly, unsightly, just, so, cheap. Plastic is one material that will never see a retro renaissance. That’s why we’ve switched any and all plastic components for long-lasting resilient metal components - so the most precious items you own won’t be damaged or left wide open because another piece of plastic has fallen away, worn down or broken off.

Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward

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