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What We Learned This Week: Boeing, Gimp Suits & Synthetic Spider Silk

by Ryan Ward November 19, 2015


Firstly, here's this microlattice metal stuff developed over in Americafor making stuff lightweight and that.


Such a burden for a dandelion to bear...

We got hold of some patent leather to have a play with and it struck us that you could quite easily develop a puncture repair kit but for gimp suits. Glue, sandpaper, gimp levers and some leather/polyurethane and away you go. 


The things I had to see to find this...

Top tip: submerge your gimp to quickly find the source of the leak.

Keeping with functional fashion, North Face have revealed a new jacket incorporating synthetic spider silk from a Japanese firm, Spiber.

Moon Parka

The Moon Parka (apparently Arachnomac didn't cut it) 

Frankly, the info on the site was a little vague but it seems like they've cracked it. We can only assume super strong lightweight fibres are around the corner. If you made tripods and handcuffs out of it then Peter Parker is out of a job and a hobby.

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Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward

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