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What We Learned This Week: Cigars, Exo-Suits & Jetpacks

November 15, 2015

Different date for the blog this week as we've been busy getting the Evo range out.

In terms of taking decent time to get a product out, you can also say that of
 and their ludicrous, $1 million cigar Transformer.

Blowing money on exploding masonry that becomes a griffin that in turn becomes equations is totally justified for some reason.

Moving on to what might be a better use of money, exosuits! Ekso Bionics are giving people the chance to walk again via their mechanical suits. We're living in the goddamn future.

Advanced Warfare is merely years away (which is technically true!)

And finally, still in the goddamn future, we've got jetpack equipped lunatics escorting a big ass plane. What more do you need to know? That Dubai have ordered jetpacks for their firefighters?

Surely this is an accident waiting to happen?

See you next week,


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