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What We Learned This Week: 3D Scanners and Dan's 'Back To the Future Day' Hoax

by Ryan Ward October 22, 2015


We've been busy getting some of our Nighthawk wallets out to people this week so there's little time for adventure and discovery when you're covered in polyamide.

Polyamide is reeeeeaaalllll addictive

Except the adventures of being a coke baron. That never ends...

What we did find is that, despite the ludicrous setup cost, it's actually quite easy to build your own 3D scanner.


Cameras can't fight back

If you can afford to buy 64 digital cameras then this is well within your reach (I'm sure there's a boxing pun in there somewhere).

Meanwhile, most everyone will be aware that Back To The Future Day was upon us this week. And it seems that we really are getting a lot of the stuff from the film. Hoverboards courtesy of Lexus (not Mattel), tablet computers (I'm not linking that to anything), phones in glasses (not bothering with that either), 3d films for franchises that WILL. NOT. DIE.

But most importantly, we get to see Michael J. Fox try on a working pair of Nike MAG trainers:


A very small number will be available for auction Spring 2016, with all proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

I suppose the strangest thing for me though is that my mate Dan over at Buzzfeed started the whole 'Back To The Future Day' hoax when he was working at Total Film. It's a small world (and Huddersfield is a small town, so, bound to happen, right?).

See you next Thursday,




Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward

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