What We Learned This Week: Batclaws, Kinetic Displays and Kinetic Shape Displays.

by Ryan Ward October 15, 2015


This week has been a real voyage of scientific discovery for us. Metalwork, material ecology, kinetic shape displays. And Tumblr.

Firstly, metal.

We enjoy the Man At Arms series. Seems now though they've run out of things to make. Cue the hybrids.


Batman + Wolverine = Batverine/Wolvman (Wolfman?). The most recent Batman films firmly stuck to the 'no killing' rule. But if you give him Wolverine's claws, they're not really for self-defense or brutally beating criminals to a pulp with your bare hands.

Batman implements street justice 

They'll be fine. No guns, remember? 

But, you do end up with ridiculous Batclaws at the end of it, ideal for stabbing glass, fruit and bottles of pop. Pure justice.

 Grapefruits of wrath

Sweet, pulpy justice.

Now, material ecology.

I won't insult the work of Neri Oxman and her team by even trying to explain what they've achieved. Watch the video.

Moving on from that (whilst staying with MIT), this thing:


Look familiar?

I've got an awesome samurai suit, too. I'll show it to you later. 

Hoping that this technology doesn't fall into the hands of an evil billionaire, the primary application, according to that article, is for self-assembling nanobots, which is almost as terrifying as the prospect of a Wolverine sequel.

I love you, Hugh, but... can't you just turn up in Infinity War instead? 

And, as I'm sure you're all pleased to hear, we've finally got a Tumblr page:


Above: The Internet


We're still getting it up to speed but there'll be Tumblr specific offers and discounts throughout the years to come. 

See you next week,


Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward


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