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What We Learned This Week: Jetpacks, The Moon and Bodybuilders.

October 08, 2015


So far this week, I have learned about these things:

Underwater Jetpacks. 


To be honest, I'm not that bothered about the whole thing. I love swimming and I'm sure it's a lot of fun using an underwater jetpack but...I'm just not fussed. Except for seeing this:

NASA have released a wealth of photos from their supposed moon landings.  

Space-dishwasher and space-stove

I can imagine there are a lot of fairly dull photos, which is pretty impressive considering how amazing landing on the moon is. Neil Armstrong in his space-pants, Buzz Aldrin reading the space-newspaper, aliens driving to space-work. Just mundane crap.


Compelling evidence to me that they did actually go there. Why would you fake something so boring? They must have gone. Look at the world we live in now and all the space age technology and achievements.



We know they're swole, but in Norway, they've found a way to become swole-er.


I just love the way he says 'minigolf'.

Just a few gigantic steps behind my number one bodybuilder/ minotaur.

See you next Thursday,





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