What We Learned This Week: Fluid Simulations, 100% Design and a Bridal Show

by Ryan Ward October 01, 2015


James and I went to London at the weekend. After accidentally going to a bridal show first, we were directed towards the design exhibition that we were supposed to be at. Got 25% off for Confetti.co.uk though!

Over to 100% Design. After looking at copper taps and mega-secure doors (retailing between £50k-£100k), we took a look at marble, veneer wood and new leathers, all with a view to incorporating some of these materials into Carbon in the future. The future of Carbon is on its way.

Meanwhile, on the internet, we stumbled across this excellent Tumblr account. The work being done on fluid simulations is amazing.


I'm sure a lot of you are now thinking this: 


Above: You
And you'd be right. We are nerds.


Speaking of nerds (Snowden is a nerd, right?), it's always great to see someone swap a Tim Burton character for an internationally hounded privacy activist. The two are, in a weird way, almost interchangeable. They even look the same.



Back over on Kickstarter, we've unlocked three stretch goals so far: a black leather strap, a navy blue leather strap and a stainless steel strap. 


Thanks Gus.


Still over three weeks left on Kickstarter and a limited number of watches left. If you need a watch in your life and ours takes your fancy, snap yours up now!


See you next Thursday,



Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward


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