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What We Learned This Week: Crocodiles and Watches

by Ryan Ward September 24, 2015 1 min read

Hi everyone,

I went to the Leeds Museum this week. There's a lot of stuff there (dead things) and also an interactive game that taught me how to use a sextant. I made the passage to Calcutta, no problem.

There was one cabinet with loads of birds in that were just laying there, with no eyes. They didn't have marbles in, nor were they posed. Just prone, with white cotton stuffed in their eye sockets.

Remember this?

Then, despite being 26, I did some wax rubbings of old English coins. I was quite proud of myself until I caught my reflection doing wax rubbings of old English coins.

Shame this wasn't put into circulation.

Ultimately though, I got to see what Leeds Museum will do with a (replica?) crocodile. Might be an alligator. Not sure, it was upside-down. 10% discount code: tometoyou

Yeah...it is weird at Jimmy Nail's house...


This Tuesday saw the launch of our watches on Kickstarter and thanks to the crowd (you!), we were funded in just over 24 hours.

Above: Cotton Eye Joe

There are still pre-Christmas delivery watches up for grabs so act now to secure yours! Click the link below to go to Kickstarter and help us write the next chapter of our story.

Vanacci Watch on Kickstarter

See you next Thursday,




Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward

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