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What We Learned This Week: The Mountain and More Kickstarter Gubbins

by Ryan Ward September 17, 2015

So this week, we saw some dude bring The Mountain to his knees. Using his arm knee.

Must be tough for the Mountain to be beaten like that. Reminds me of the time he cut his horse's head off. Back when the Mountain was just 'gigantic bloke who turns up every now and then' rather than mainstay of the general public's nightmares. 

Granted though, the guy that beat him is huge as well. 10% discount code: olympushasfallen

The Stealth campaign came to an end this week, raising an unprecedented £7,950. That's a hell of a lot of money. We never thought it would get so out of hand.

So that went quite well. A big thank you to those who helped bring Stealth to life. For anyone who missed out, Stealth will be on general sale very soon through our store.

Alongside Stealth, we've backed a variety of campaigns recently, not least Coffee Shop: North.

If you're a coffee fan/slave, this should be right up your street. A lovely book highlighting the coffee scene in the North of England. We have to have something that's nice up here.

In keeping with food and drink, we got involved with this thing:

Frontier Plus eliminates the need of gas burning stoves whilst camping. On a recent excursion to Ben Nevis, we were very nearly consumed in a glorious fireball by a faulty connection between canister and stove. So, as we like our eyebrow(s) and not being shrink-wrapped in plastic, we welcome Frontier Plus.

And finally, we launch our watch on Tuesday 22nd September at 4pm GMT. If you're looking to get one, swoop in early as we have a limited number available for pre-Christmas delivery. 

You can sign up here to be notified of when we launch.

See you next Thursday,



Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward

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