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Everyday Workwear Style

May 05, 2017

Everyday Workwear Style

Everyday Workwear Style

Perfecting your work wardrobe is the key to adding simplicity to your everyday professional lifestyle. Creating a ‘go-to’ look not only makes your morning routine straightforward, it also ensures that you feel confident in your style day in day out. When you have a professional and stylish look that you can rely on you automatically feel at ease and confident in your ability. Here’s how to create the perfect everyday workwear style…

 Choosing a style that’s appropriate

Today work dress codes are much more varied than they were just ten years ago, with many offices being open to a more casual approach to dress. When you are creating your workwear look it’s important to ensure that it is appropriate for your role. Adhere to your office dress code, but also consider your comfort level, your own personal style and versatility.

If you work in an office where a suit is required, than of course your only option is to invest in a high quality suit, but it’s possible to choose something that suits your style and to add interest with accessories. In a role where you work in more casual wear, consider an additional smarter look for client meetings, or choose something that will work for both, such as a pair of smart chinos and a shirt.


Key pieces


Make getting dressed and feeling confident as straight forward for yourself as possible, by only selecting a few key pieces that will work for your everyday workwear. If you have to wear a suit, invest in two so that you can mix things up, as well as three different shirts too. Black isn’t always office appropriate, so choose colours such as blue or grey, that are still muted and professional, but add a little variety. 

If you’re opting for a shirt and trousers, again choose a few different colours when it comes to your trousers, such as navy and camel, and three shirts to mix and match with. It’s all about having a few go-to key pieces that you know you feel great in, but being able to add variety to your everyday look by mixing and matching pieces.



Accessories play a strong role in your workwear style, pulling your look together an enabling you to add interest and make your look unique. Of course cufflinks are a must when it comes to your shirt and suit. Try selecting something a bit different, like our Lockstone One Range Copper Cufflinks, which in additional to looking great also enable you to add your favourite fragrance, for a scent that lasts all day.

No workwear look is complete without a stylish watch. For work it is important to avoid anything too chunky or flashy, to take away from your professionalism. We love our Gold Vanacci Watch Midnight, which is classic and timeless in style, and plated in 18crt gold.


Building your workwear wardrobe does take a little time, but it’s an investment and a process that you will quickly begin to rely on.

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