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Tested: Five Fragrances & Lockstone

May 25, 2017

Tested: Five Fragrances & Lockstone

We've put together five fragrances that we love and applied them all to Lockstone and Solaris pieces to see how they held up.

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford 

James: "A firm favourite here in the office, Tobacco Vanille lasted for days. It's a rich, sweet smell that works really well with the Lockstone material as it gives it time to mature and release slowly. Sure, it lasts a long while on my skin but then it either fades or washes off in the shower. Using any Lockstone item is prolonging the life of this, to be honest, very expensive fragrance. But it is absolutely worth the money."


Man 2 by Paul Smith 

Ryan:  "I've liked this for a while and admittedly, it's pretty light and requires a liberal spray to get a long lasting effect. Pairing it with my Nebula bracelet, it has made it last a lot longer. It's a sharp edged, light fragrance so it isn't especially noticeable but knowing that my bracelet is charged up with it gives me the peace of mind that it'll diffuse slowly and be noticed periodically throughout the day."

Chanel No. 5 by Chanel

Paegan:  "The thing with this is it's strong as soon as you spray it on. If you go for a concentrated burst, it can be overwhelming. It's nice but can be  too nice at first. Putting it into the Lockstone let's it diffuse and calm down a bit, giving me a consistent, pleasant aroma all day as opposed to a strong blast that's somewhat overpowering. On average, I'll recharge my stone every 3-4 days, sometimes longer."

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Absolute by Givenchy

Sean: "Givenchy's Absolute is one of the only eau de parfumes for men I've come across that doesn't cost over £100. The scent is strong but not overpowering and the only other fragrance I've used that lasts as long as this is Tom Ford's range of signature fragrances. I've been using this with my Solaris Lockstone bracelet and the results are amazing! I get around 2-3 days of noticeable fragrance and around a week until the scent completely fades and only a few base notes are left at a close sniff. When comparing this to my Hugo Boss Soul fragrance, I typically got around a day of noticeable scent and around 3 days of lingering base notes."

Lancôme's La Vie Est Belle


Jem: "Lancôme's La Vie Est Belle is by far my favourite perfume at the moment. I get a lot of compliments whilst wearing it, especially when I wear it with my Lockstone pendent or Solaris Lockstone bracelet, which each keep the scent of the perfume alive for hours longer than it would on my skin. The perfume is a great balance of floral and sweet notes, intriguing, feminine and playful." 

Bonus Review!

Jessica at  Now Smell This did a wonderful review of our Solaris bracelet:

"I generously applied Après L'Ondée to the Lockstone beads, let the bracelet sit to dry for a few minutes, and put it on before leaving for work. I also spritzed my arm at the same time. As usual, Après L'Ondée's violet-and-iris beauty vanished from my skin in less than two hours. On the bracelet, however, it lingered throughout the day. It didn't radiate from the stone the way it does from warm skin, and it felt a bit "flatter," but there it was, eight hours later. Impressive. It clung to the beads for another two days, growing fainter and fainter until it was finally gone."

Read the whole review at  Now Smell This by clicking here

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