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Solaris Pluto

May 18, 2017

Solaris Pluto

The Solaris range has moved out of its infancy now after a near nine month run. Since its inception, we’ve added in the Saturn pendants from the original Kickstarter campaign and the extra small size also.

Pluto was always a sticking point. Should we add it in? Is it possible to make? How will people react? There's a lot to think about. 

Until recently, we’ve resisted adding in Pluto for a couple of reasons. Here’s why:

  1. It’s not a planet. It may seem on the face of it that we’re legitimising Pluto’s place among the planets with its addition to the bracelets but that’s not the case. We stand by the international astronomical community’s decision that Pluto isn’t a planet. But we do understand people’s heartfelt desire to see it listed as a planet again.

  2. Public opinion. It’s OK to change. Pluto was a planet, now it isn’t. Solaris doesn’t have Pluto, now (for a limited time), some do. We received a lot of feedback stating that people really wanted Pluto adding onto the bracelet. So, for just a little while, it’s a reality.

  3. Production. We can’t make a ‘to scale’ Pluto out of Lockstone material. It’s simply too small. So, our best option for adding in that tiny little guy was to use a minuscule 3mm burnished silver bead. We think it sits in quite nicely.


Those are the reasons for Pluto’s ‘late’ arrival to the Solaris party. As much with Pluto’s actual time in our system of planets, ours too will be short-lived, lasting for only a month until poor little Pluto is removed from the rest of its family and consigned to the lonely existence of a dwarf planet for the foreseeable future.

But at least, for a little while, our far away friend can be a planet again. Click here to check him out.

Pluto Heart

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