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The Gates Are Open

May 06, 2015

At last, the store is open and the wallets have surged out of the gate like a heavily pressurised fluid, such as magma.

Above: Opening the store

Alongside wallets, we've got phone cases, razors, shaving gear, creams and notebooks. Pretty much what you need to get a good start to your day and more.

We've seen some pretty interesting things on our journey from Kickstarter to reality. Here's some of the stuff we've backed and bought.

Sense from Hello is aimed to give us more info on the quality of our sleep and improve it by analysing a variety of data (including the amount of light in your bedroom, noise and the quality of the air).


BomberCo have furnished us with a heavy duty duffel bag that will replace the one I found at school (you're never getting your bag back, Phil).

Hardcore, like a steel sea cucumber

And of course, the mighty Pebble Time.

You jelly, Apple?

One thing we wished we'd backed but missed out on is  Exploding Kittens

This game brings far less scrutiny than actually blowing up kittens. 

We're adding pre-orders for wallets if you happened to miss out on the first round, so don't worry, you'll still get yours.



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