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June: New Manufacturing Approach For Make Benefit Mankind

by Ryan Ward June 11, 2015


Rolling into summer with a new method of wallet production, we're now replenishing stock throughout the week, meaning we will have wallets available for sale every day so you won't have to wait for ages to impress your friends, family and enemies.

Pharaoh Swagman I (aka you).

And what's more, we've got the old school style back for a limited run. Yes, the progenitor of the whole wallet shebang, the original Carbon GT is back yo.

The Vanacci Pater Familias 

What else has happened? Oh yeah!

There's brass in stock now as well. Who could forget? Just look at it!

*cue Ron Burgundy*

Back over at Kickstarter, here's some stuff we've been backing.

The Light Phone is a tiny little tethering phone thing that cuts down on your regular phone use. No more selfies, no more pictures of your food. Stop it.

Light Phone/Chalk Calculator

Experience The Commonwealth of New Island was/is a lovely guide book to a fictional (or so I've been led to believe) island. It's just really nice.

Maybe the island floats or something. Ultron lives there, I think.

And the Titanium Mini Q. I've got loads of keys which run the risk of scratching my wallet. This little guy helps neatly store them all and, by using a different pocket, keeps them away from my wallet.
No magnifying glass or thing to get boy scouts out of horses hooves though...
That's about it for this month. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter where we will be posting regular updates on production, special offers and contests in which you can WIN WIN WIN stuff. Like us on Facebook as well because there's other things happening there that don't happen elsewhere.
Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward

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