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Copper Load Of This

July 07, 2015

Finally, they're here. It's been a long road building these guys but the wait is worth it. So, so shiny. 

Face Melter!

The polishing process has been lengthy but once they're leather clad, these really are things of beauty.

Totally worth going blind for...

We've lacquered copper up with EverBrite ProtectaClear which will prevent your wallet from tarnishing and scratching. It has a rating of H8 of hardness. Granite, by comparison, is H6.


We've also moved into our new office/workshop here in Bingley (centre of the universe). Just look how happy James is.

Look at his little face. 

Stay tuned on the old social media platforms. is coming. Watch out for it.
Ta-ra for now,

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Metric Sizes:

Size Metric Bracelet  Size Tight fit on a wrist size of Good fit on a wrist size of Loose fit on a wrist size of
X Small 14.5 cm 15 cm 14 cm 13 cm
Small  16.5 cm 17 cm 16 cm  15 cm
Medium  20.3 cm 18 cm 17.5 cm 16 cm
Large 22.8 cm 22 cm 21.5 cm 20 cm

Imperial Equivalent Sizes:

Size Imperial Bracelet Size Tight fit on a wrist size of Good fit on a wrist size of Loose fit on a wrist size of
X Small 5.7" 5.90" 5.5" 5.1"
Small  6.5" 6.69" 6.29" 5.90"
Medium  8.0" 7.08" 6.8" 6.29"
Large 9.0" 8.6" 8.46" 7.87"

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