What We Learned This Week: Super Heavy Elements, Lemmy & Owls

by Ryan Ward January 07, 2016

What We Learned This Week: Super Heavy Elements, Lemmy & Owls


New year, new elements. Some scienticians have finally added a few new elements to the Periodic Table and I'm sure they'll be very useful to regular people in everyday life.

I don't expect them to be of any real use to us, not immediately anyway. This does bring us closer to discovering Dilithium (119) but since most of the Star Trek money is going on films rather than warp drives, it's unlikely to make much difference when we get there.


That 'tache was what pushed them to warp

Naming the elements hasn't taken place yet but there is a petition (which you can sign here) which calls for one of them to be named Lemmium in honour of Lemmy's recent departure from this rock. I think that they should theorise the shortest possible half-life and name whatever that element would be after Lemmy as it would be mega-heavy. 



In keeping with high science, it turns out that the elegance and wisdom that you normally associate with owls is perhaps not so deserved when you watch one eat a rat:

Owl hucks down a rat

Similarly majestic...

Irrelevant but somewhat amusing.

Stealth is coming to the Vanacci store at the end of this month. You can click on the link HERE to be notified of when it launches or wait until that chain letter I sent gets to you.

Sneaky Queen


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Ryan Ward


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